Dan Reviews is a fairly young team, we are a startup. We support our readers with hundreds of hours of research, testing and reporting to help you find products that will make your life more fun and enjoyable.

We focus your attention on really worthwhile products that we are proud of and have tested ourselves. Our inspiration is to cut through the noise of thousands of product reviews to bring you the products that best fit your lifestyle and budget.

Our mission

Our mission is simple. We are a team of creators, users and enthusiasts building the definitive resource for discovering products and the stories that surround them.

Our values

Our values are clear. Be humanly oriented. Dan Reviews team takes a human-centered approach to product reviews by focusing on what real reviewers loved.

We are honest to ourselves and to our customers. The product comes first thus we strive to view the product from multiple perspectives. The best product is empathetic and not exclusive.

Giving a 360-degree view. We inform and inspire consumers to make decisions that propel them forward.

Who we are

We are a multicultural team with writers primarily from the USA. We work remotely and spend a lot of time with our families. Indeed, we are testing the products we are writing about.


Serg Karatsch. Founder, CEO. My borderline obsessive research as a result of my academic background led to the creation of Dan Reviews to document curate quality content, and to share an our team’s expert opinion with new audiences.

Anna Willson-Bogdan is a staff writer covering kitchen gear at Dan Reviews. She has reported on various topics including gifts, home &garden, sports bras, board games, and light bulbs. Anna joined the start-up in July 2020.

Stephen Gardner. Writer. I’ve been Dan Reviews for some time now at start. I decided to return to the team to continue working on our concept. My preference is towards the value side of things, but all of the small details are where it counts for me. I love being able to provide people with insight on products worth buying.

Val Paliy. Developer. Writer. I’ve started my career in IT when I was 16. For the past 23 years I have been developing web sites and web applications, keeping tabs on anything and everything related to computers. A gamer in my free time I also enjoy sharing my knowledge with others, so when I found out about Dan Reviews, I joined to help people make better choices.