The 10 Best Blade Coffee Grinders for Use at Home

Last Updated on February 23, 2021

Buying a coffee grinder is very practical. You can produce at home the ground coffee needed for any beverage you want. It is part of the allure of being a coffee enthusiast. If you want to make Turkish coffee, you make extra-fine ground coffee. If you want to prepare it on a French press, you make coarse ground coffee. That’s very rewarding if you ask me.

So, have you decided to buy a coffee grinder for home use? Great! A coffee grinder at home will add another level of enjoyment to your coffee experiences. There is just one little detail, what type of grinder should you purchase? Well, there are different types of coffee grinders. Each type has advantages and disadvantages. They also come in different price ranges.

To make your selection easier, first, you must know what makes a good coffee grinder. A good coffee grinder must ideally meet the following requirements:

  • Uniformly-sized coffee grounds. Arguably, the size uniformity of the coffee grounds is the most decisive factor for a good and delicious coffee beverage. Many other factors play a role, but none like size uniformity. If you don’t get uniformly-sized coffee grounds, your coffee beverages won’t have top flavor and aroma;
  • Should not heat the coffee. When a grinder works, heat is generated by friction with coffee beans. This heat, however, must be kept minimal. When the coffee is heated too much, it releases oils that carry aromatic substances. Ideally, these substances must be released in your beverage and not in the grinder;
  • Adjustable grinding level. A grinder must allow you to choose the size of the coffee grounds. As you surely know, different beverages require different levels of grinding, from extra-fine to coarse.

With this information, you can decide what type of grinder may suit your requirements and budget. In the market, you’ll find many models and brands, but all coffee grinders for home belong in one of these categories:

  • Burr grinders. This type of grinder produces uniformly-sized coffee grounds. Generally, they don’t heat the coffee too much. But all these features come at a cost. Burr grinders can be expensive. However, if you are a true coffee lover, it would be worthwhile investing in such an appliance;
  • Blade grinders. This type of grinder works similarly to a blender. Rotating blades grinder the coffee beans. The resulting coffee grounds are not completely uniform in size, and the coffee may be heated because of the high-speed rotation. On the bright side, these grinders are not too expensive. Thus, if your budget is limited, this type of grinder may be for you. Just make sure to buy a good blade grinder and you may be surprised at the quality of the ground coffee it produces;
  • Manual grinders. These grinders are inexpensive alternatives for the beginner or the coffee lover on a low budget. Some manual grinders can be surprisingly good. So, don’t think that a low price necessarily translates into poor quality. Not at all. However, you cannot expect top results either. Moreover, you’ll need to put on some effort to grind beans for several cups of coffee;
  • Semi-professional grinders. This type of grinder is more suitable for commercial use like small coffee houses. However, you can buy one for use at home. The ground coffee that a semi-professional grinder produces can be of premium quality. These grinders usually are sold at premium prices also. But if you can afford one of these appliances, you won’t regret your purchase.

In this article, I will review the 10 best blade coffee grinders for use at home. I aim to present unbiased assessments resulting from my experiences with these appliances. If you want good ground coffee without investing in a grinder that will break the bank, read the following reviews. You surely will find the ideal blade coffee grinder for your kitchen.

1. Bosch MKM 6000/6003

This blade grinder impressed me in so many aspects that I’ve chosen it as the best in this category. First, it has very high power. With a 180 W electric motor, the grinder can handle easily any coffee beans. I found that the capacity is rather small, just 75 grams. But it is compensated by the fast grinding resulting from the powerful motor. If you need more ground coffee, you can repeat the process without much waiting.

The second feature that impressed me was the inclined bottom. This tweak allows grinding the content as uniformly as possible. The body of the grinder is made of high tensile strength plastic whereas the inner bowl is stainless steel. I cannot think of a big disadvantage of this appliance; perhaps the fact that you must hold the lid of the grinder during operation. But that’s a minor issue.


  • The grinder can achieve a very fine grinding level;
  • It is suitable to grind other materials such as sugar and spices;
  • The grinding is very fast.


  • None that I can think of.

2. Caso Coffee Flavor

Next on the list is the Caso Coffee Flavor. I liked the looks of this appliance. It has a stylish design and the body is made of polished stainless steel. But this grinder has much more to offer. A powerful 200W electric motor provides the motion to grind up to 90 grams of coffee beans. Let me tell you, this is a powerful grinder. In a few seconds, you can have uniformly-sized ground coffee for 4-8 cups of beverage.

The bowl for the beans is made of transparent glass and the lid of transparent plastic. I always like transparent components in coffee grinders as they allow you to see how the grinding process is going on. The grinder is equipped with a circuit breaker that protects the motor from overheating. But the feature that I liked the most is the detachable bowl. You can remove the ground coffee more easily by detaching the bowl. It also comes in handy to clean the bowl more easily.


  • Stainless steel body;
  • A spacious bowl;
  • A circuit breaker that protects the motor;
  • Uniform grinding.


  • None that is important to mention.

3. Scarlett SC-CG44502

At first, I found the look of this grinder amusing. Its body is made of beige plastic that somehow resembles a caterpillar. However, I later realized the practical use of such a design. You can have a firm grip on the grinder and it won’t slip off. It’s a clever design, I must admit. The container for the coffee holds up to 60 grams. It is average capacity. But the quality of the blade impressed me. It is made of a stainless steel alloy.

Scarlett is a Chinese brand, and the retail price of this appliance is quite affordable. Besides coffee beans, the grinder can be used to grind nuts, spices, and sugar. On the downside, I didn’t like that the container cannot be removed. It makes cleaning and collecting the ground coffee more complicated. But honestly, at this price range, I cannot see what else one can realistically expect. It is functional, inexpensive, and comes with a 1-year warranty. That’s a great deal!


  • Simple operation;
  • Stainless steel blade;
  • Quite affordable;
  • Self-locking if the lid is not completely closed.


  • The bowl cannot be detached.

4. Polaris PCG 0815A

This grinder is quite compact, with a metal body and a deep and narrow bowl. Although it looks unimpressive, its performance is quite good. I was particularly impressed by the fine grinding that it’s possible to achieve with this appliance. When the lid is open, the motor won’t start. I liked this safety feature. You can use this appliance to grind other types of solid foods.


  • Very fine grinding level;
  • The motor is blocked when the cover is open;
  • It can be used to grind other materials besides coffee.


  • Nothing worthy of being mentioned.

5. Kitfort KT-1329

This coffee grinder is quite powerful thanks to a 200W electric motor. It is multifunctional also. Many other blade grinders are also touted as multifunctional. But what I really liked about this one is the two separate containers that are included. One is for grinding coffee and is equipped with a double-sided blade. The second one has a four-sided blade for chopping other foods such as nuts, spices, garlic, boiled eggs, and more. I liked this approach because it keeps your coffee free from foreign smells and tastes.

Also, I appreciated the safety features that the grinder comes with. For example, the grinder is started by pressing the cover. If the cover is not properly closed, the grinder won’t start. A fuse protects the electric motor from overheating. However, there is a detail that I somehow disliked. After you operate the grinder for 30 seconds, you must let it “rest” for at least another 30 seconds before you can resume your grinding. It is necessary to do it to allow the motor to cool down.

Another drawback that I found is that the grinder doesn’t come with a timer. This means that the grinding level is determined by the time you allow the grinder to work. The instructions give some recommendations for different grinding times. However, you are better off relying on your experience. Kitfort is a Russian brand, but this grinder is made in China. It comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Separate containers for coffee and other foods;
  • Detachable stainless steel containers;
  • Turn on by pressing the cover for safety;
  • A fuse that protects the motor;
  • Average coffee beans capacity (70 grams);
  • Compact size.


  • No timer available;
  • The appliance must “rest” for 30 seconds after working for 30 seconds.

6. Rommelsbacher EKM 120

Another powerful grinder on the list with a 200 W electric motor. This grinder is equipped with 4 blades to grind coffee beans, which I welcome. Unfortunately, the blade design doesn´t lead to uniform grinding. You cannot set the grinding level either. Instead, you have to control it manually. But for this purpose, I like the transparent bowl. It allows seeing the grinding level easily. So, if you see that the ground coffee is not as fine as you wish, you can continue grinding.

However, the bowl can hold up to 50 grams of beans, which is below average. Rommelsbacher is a German brand. This grinder is manufactured in China and comes with a 2-yeat warranty.


  • Turn on/off by pressing the cover;
  • The grinder won’t start if the cover is not in place;
  • Powerful motor;
  • Compact size;
  • A 2-year warranty.


  • You cannot set the grinding level;
  • Non-uniform grinding.

7. UNIT UGG-112

This grinder is compact and easy-to-store thanks to its retractable cord. I like these features. They’re quite practical if your kitchen is not too big. Also, the grinder’s body is quite solid, made of steel. And it is powerful thanks to its 150W motor. The bowl can hold up to 70 grams of coffee beans, which is average. So far, so good.

You can look through a transparent window at the content of the bowl. In this way, you can know whether further grinding is needed. Unfortunately, since this window is plastic, the ground coffee adheres to the surface easily. So, I don’t think this window is quite useful since the view is blocked most of the time. Anyway, safety is good in this grinder. The lid has a safety lock. If you don’t close it properly, the grinder won’t start.


  • A solid body made of steel;
  • Fast grinding;
  • Good quality grinding;
  • Safety lock on the lid;
  • Retractable cord.


  • Small (and almost useless) viewing window.

8. Moulinex AR 1108/1105

This grinder is simple, yet functional. I like the quality of the construction. The bowl and the double-sided blade are made of stainless steel. I was a bit disappointed with the capacity of the bowl (50 grams). The motor is powerful (180 W), which allows for fast grinding. Alas, you can operate the grinder for only 20 seconds continuously. After that, you have to let the motor rest for a while. A circuit breaker protects the motor from overheating if the limit of 20 seconds of operation is exceeded.

As with many other grinders of this type, for safety, the appliance won’t start if the cover is not in place. The grinder has a transparent window to observe the grinding level. There is no timer. I was also disappointed with this absence. Moulinex is a French brand. This grinder is made in China and comes with a 2-year warranty. This is a longer warranty than competitors usually offer.


  • Simple design and operation;
  • A circuit breaker that protects the motor;
  • The appliance won’t start when the cover is not in place;
  • A transparent viewing window to control the grinding level;
  • A 2-year warranty.


  • No timer;
  • The bowl cannot be detached.


I found this grinder to be quite functional without having any special features. It is equipped with a 150 W motor, and it has a capacity of 60 grams of coffee. I was surprised that the grinder can handle this amount of coffee, considering its modest dimensions. As other grinders reviewed above, a circuit breaker protects the motor from overheating. Likewise, the appliance won’t start if the cover is not properly placed. The lid is transparent, which allows controlling the grinding level by visual inspection.

The body of the grinder is a combination of plastic and stainless steel. However, the blade is made of stainless steel only. This is something I liked in such a small grinder. Another thing I liked is the length of the cord (1 meter). It is longer than average and can be winded in a special compartment. Redmond is a Chinese brand. This appliance comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Compact size;
  • Stainless steel blade;
  • A long cord;
  • The appliance won’t start when the cover is not in place;
  • A circuit breaker protects the motor.


  • No timer;
  • No pulse grinding mode.

10. VITEK VT-7123 ST

The last grinder on the list has a minimalistic design. It is equipped with a 150 W motor and grinds coffee only. The bowl holds up to 50 grams of coffee beans. Like other grinders of this type, this one can work up to 30 seconds continuously. But I disliked the “resting” time, which must be at least 1-2 minutes. This grinder has common features, nothing extraordinary. It is inexpensive and functional. The appliance comes with a 1-year warranty. In my opinion, this is a good choice if you want functionality at a low cost.


  • Overheating protection for the motor;
  • The body and blade of the grinder are stainless steel;
  • Pulse grinding mode available;
  • The appliance won’t start when the cover is not in place;
  • Compartment for winding the cord;
  • Large power button;
  • Quite affordable.


  • No timer;
  • Maximum working time of 30 seconds plus a 1-2 “rest” period. Quite inconvenient;
  • The bowl cannot be detached.


It was a long read, wasn’t it? I hope they will help you to decide which grinder is the best for you. Always get the best grinder that you can afford. After all, you get what you pay for. As a coffee lover, you’ll appreciate more the flavor of beverages made with high-quality ground coffee.
Also, in case you didn’t know, we have an awesome site called Coffee Grinder Reviews, where we talk about anything and everything related to coffee, grinders included.

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